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Composition Shingles

Grand Manor, Carriage House, Highland Slate, Presidential Solaris T/L, Presidential T/L, Presidential Solaris, Presidential, Landmark Solaris T/L, Landmark T/L,  Landmark Premium, Landmark Solaris Pro, Landmark Pro, Landmark Solaris Platinum, Landmark Solaris and Landmark Shingles from CertainTeed.

Composition Hip & Ridge
Compostition Hip & Ridge

 Mountain Ridge from CertainTeed

Clay & Concrete Tile
Clay & Concrete Tile

Varying product lines from different
manufacturers such as Eagle Tile,
Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions and MCA Tile

Cedar Shakes & Shingles
Cedar Shakes & Shingles

Heavy shake, Medium shake, #1 Red Cedar Shingles, Fire Class “A” Systems, “B” wood, “C” wood, shakes & shingles, available in treated Watkins/FSR Sawmill

Roof Coatings
Roof Coatings

Title 24 Coatings, Asphalt, Mastic, Modified mastic, Fibered asphalt emulsion, Wet surface cement, Cold application mastic, Asphalt primer, Spray primer, Spray paints, White elastomeric coating, White Silicone Coating, Caulking, Mortar Product Manufacturer: APOC

Roll Roofing
Modified Roll Roofing

Mineral surface roll (MSR), Granulated mop surface cap sheet (GMS), Granulated torch applied cap sheet (GTA), Smooth torch applied cap sheet (STA), Self-adhered cap sheet (SA), Nailable base sheet for self-adhered, Self-adhered plybase sheet Manufacturers: Johns Manville and CertainTeed

ASTM Underlayment
ASTM Underlayment

WinterGuard Granular all climate underlayment (self-adhered), UDL Titanium 50 Synthetic underlayment, Diamond Deck Synthetic underlayment, APOC Gator Skin Synthetic underlayment, 22″ shake felt, #15lb felt, #30lb felt, SBS UDL base, Roofers’ Select

Metal Products
Metal Roofs & Metal Products

Standing Seam, Corrugated Panels, Saddlestock, Z-bar, Roof-to-wall (110 degrees), L-metal, Scupper, Tile pan, Tin shingles, Tucker, Americap, T-Top, Pipe flashing, Drip-edge, Roll Valley, Tile riser, Gravel guard, W-Valley, Dormer, O’Hagin Low Profile Dormer (composition and tile), Turbine, Birdstop

Built-Up Roofing
Built-Up Roofing

Asphalt, Glass base sheet, Glass ply sheet, Glass cap sheet

Nails & Staples

Roofing nail, Tile spike, Coiled Siding nail, Coiled roofing nail, Metal cap nail, Plastic cap nail, Shingle staple

Fabric Rolls & Shrink Wrap

Firm Polyester, Yellow jacket, Black cotton, Visqueen

Miscellaneous Roofing Products

Wood battens, OSB, OSB with Radiant barrier, Primed ship lap, C93 roofing granules, Cant strip


Propane tanks filled on site

Micellaneous Products

Sundries, Torches, Coil Nailer, Compressor, Blades, Knives, Chalk, Trowels, AJC Hatchets, Tape, Measuring tape, Mop, Roofing Tools & Equipment

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