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Malarkey started in Oregon in 1956. Their goal is simple – build the shingles we want on our own homes – made better to last longer, and more sustainable. Malarkey Roofing Products is the only remaining Shingle Manufacturer never to be sued in a class action.

Residential Shingles & 
Shingle Accessories Stocked

Manufactured in South Gate, CA since 2003

Highlander Nex (#241)4 – Title 24 ColorsIvory Mist, Golden Amber, Sienna Blend & Silverwood

5 Standard Colors – Midnight Black, Storm Grey, Natural Wood, Antique Brown & Weathered Wood 3 Bundles per SQ.  16 SQS per Pallet – 66 Shingles per SQ.  – 22 Shingles per Bundle

Ecoasis Nex (#282)6 – Title 24 ColorsAll 6 meet LA County of 20 SRI Burlwood (~ Antique Brown) Willow Wood (~ Weathered Wood) Sandy Shale and Cedar Cask (2 Unique Colors) Moonlit Black (~ Midnight Black) Riverstone Grey (~ Storm Grey) 3 Bundles per SQ. 16 SQS per Pallet.

Malarkey Shingle Advantages – 

  1. Better Asphalt – Polymer modified Asphalt ensures a longer lasting shingle through better granule adhesion.
  2. Each 30 SQS of Shingles repurposes 350 Plastic bottles and 5 Rubber Tires.  Green Circle Certified – Cal Recycle
  3. Standard Shingles are made with Oxidized Asphalt (Glue) Nex PMA asphalt is (Super Glue).
  4. The manufacture of Oxidized Asphalt emits tremendous amounts of greenhouse gas – Carbon Dioxide.
  5. The manufacture of Polymer Modified Asphalt is much cleaner and reduces CO’s emissions significantly.
  6. The Zone – The 1.25” Shingle Nail Zone is the largest in the industry and ensures correct installation versus a line
  7. Full Square – Malarkey gives you the full 64 Shingles per roofing Square. 22 Shingles per Bundle – 66 per SQ.
  8. Malarkey’s Laminated Shingles are adhered with SEBS Asphalt – (Super Duper Glue) Prevents delamination.
  9. Two rows of this sealant in the double thickness Zone area offers a double rain seal against wind driven rain
  10. The back side of the shingle has this Super Duper Glue in the seal down area for excellent wind resistance.
  11. The seal down is placed specifically to have waterways. For any moisture to escape.
  12. Smog Reducing Granules from 3M – One roof area equivalent of planting 2.5 Trees.

System Accessories

Starter Smart Start™ (#210 ) – Full-width starter shingle separates at perforation to provide two, full-size starter shingles with seal-down · Bundle: 18 full-size (36 pieces) Linear Ft./Bundle: 114′ 9″ – 21 Bundles per Pallet: Code requires Starter Shingles to be 2” Wider than the height of the double thickness area of a laminated roof shingle.

EZ Ridge (#222) –  8” Folded Ridge – All colors.   20’ per box: 42 boxes per pallet Ridge is BLENDED to match Shingle Blends.  It is also available in 10”  EZ Ridge XT – #224

Underlayment Options – Upgrades from Felt

UDL – 2 SQ Roll – 80 lbs per Roll.  SBS Modified Roll that seals around nails.  Under Tile – 1 Layer comes with a 10 Year Leakproof Warranty – 2 Layers comes with 20 Year Leakproof Warranty.

Arctic Seal (#401)  – Self adhering 2 SQ Roll – 55 mils thick – 25 rolls per pallet – This Product is an Ice and Water Protection Roll.

Secure Start® HT (#406) – Self-adhering 2 SQ Roll, high temperature underlayment suitable for use as a waterproof underlayment in steep slope roofing applications with metal roofing, asphalt shingles, wood shakes/shingles.

Secure Start Synthetic #1031 – 5 Ply Combination.  2 Layers of waterproofing. 10 SQ Rolls – 36 Rolls on a pallet

Secure Start Synthetic #1030 – Smooth Grade Version of Above Product

Secure Start Permeable #1035 – 5 SQ roll – Breathable Underlayment

Click this image for a full spec sheet.
Click this image for a full spec sheet.
Click this image for a full spec sheet.

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Lifetime shingle warranty and registration :
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