Malarkey Modified / BUR Roofing

Malarkey Roofing Products is a family owned company that manufactures roofing products since 1956. The Company has a history of innovation and has received awards from several industry associations including the Western States. The family’s 4th generation is now working at the company. Malarkey Roofing Products is the only remaining Shingle Manufacturer never to be sued in a class action.

Low Slope Products and Accessories

Omni Seal Products – Low Slope Peel N Stick Products

Omni Seal Base (#410) – Non Sticky – Nailed Pre-Primed Base Sheet – 2 SQ Roll – 20 Rolls on a pallet
Omni Seal Base/Ply ( #420) – Pre-Primed Sticky Base or Ply – 2 SQ Roll – 20 Rolls on a pallet
Omni Seal Cap (#430) – Sticky Cap – Fiberglass – 1 SQ Roll – 20 Rolls per pallet – 7 Colors – 5 Match Shingles
Omni Seal Poly Cap ( #440) – Sticky Cap – Polyester – 1 SQ Roll – 16 Rolls per pallet – 6 Colors – 5 Match Shingles

BUILT UP ROOFING *10 Year Manufacturer Warranty on all Roll Products

Pano Base (#515) – 3 Sq. Roll – Base separates the roof from the building deck. This ensures the roof can be removed after its service life and disposed. This is a good roofing practice to know. #515 is a 3 SQ roll, and weighs 75lbs. There are 20 rolls on a pallet.

Pano Ply Sheets (#500) – Ply 4 and (#506) Ply 6 – Both of these rolls are used as the reinforcements in a Built Up Roof System. Alternating Reinforcements and layers of waterproofing asphalt gives us the name Built Up Roofing. We are building up the roof from bottom to top. Both rolls are 5 SQ Rolls. #500 has 30 rolls on a pallet #506 has 25 rolls on a pallet. 506 is a thicker version required for longer warranties.

Pano Cap – (#502) – Cap sheet is the finishing surface of a Built Up roof. Cap comes in 1 Sq. rolls and weighs 75lbs per roll. PanoCap comes with white granules and there are 30 rolls on a pallet. Some CA Municipalities are requiring this roll under Tile Roofing that has a 1” airspace.

Chroma Cap – #350 – This is a modified Cap Roll that is an upgrade over standard mineral surface roll roofing. It comes in 1 SQ Rolls and is available in 7 colors. Please see Product Data Guide. These rolls weigh 80 lbs. – 30 Rolls on a pallet.

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